Saturday, March 24, 2007

A little procrastination and a pean to Steve

Ok, I had an adventure and will tell you all about it, but I have made a solemn oath not to do any blogging until my grading is done, which explains the silence this week. (And people picked this week to post comments! Hello, everyone! )

The grading is nearing its end (which is good, as we have a norming meeting tomorrow afternoon and I must be done by then), and I have been mostly good about my enforced blogging restraint, although I did take breaks between sets of questions to pepper everyone with comments as I caught up on their blogs. (Reading blogs doesn't count, does it?)

Anyway, not all the blogs on my blogroll are academic. Anyone who loves absurd humor and retro robots should already know about The Sneeze, which has returned to its sneezy goodness after being sporadically updated for several months. Steve does the world a grand service by posting things of varying ridiculousness and tasting things that should probably not be eaten. (For old fun, see his Steve! Don't Eat it! sections.) Today, however, I scared my cats (appropriately enough, as you shall see) by falling off my couch laughing so hard that tears ran down my face and I began making uncontrolled snorts and hoots that resembled demonic possession rather than laughter. Why? Read Meowgasm. Have fun!

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