Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Eating Strange Things

Ever have one of those days where you're quite hungry and having a meal doesn't quite make you feel finished? And so you eat a little something else here, and there, and suddenly you think about it and realize you just had one of the strangest extended meals ever?

Today I got home and was quite hungry. And tired. And thirsty (this is post-summer teaching, remember). So I drank the last of the fizzy flavored water and popped a veggie burger in the oven. And got out all the burger fixin's. And, since it was going to take a little while to cook, I rinsed off the raspberries I bought yesterday and ate them all. (yum.)

All well and good; you don't want your fresh raspberries sitting around getting old, do you? But I was still hungry, so I had some olives. Because they were there in the fridge. And then a pickle, since I was slicing up pickles for the burger anyway. And then I ate the other half of the tomato remaining from what I was going to put on the burger.

Then I had the burger, complete with tomato slices, ketchup, pickles, and lettuce. Oh, and a bun. Seems pretty normal so far, eh? So I ate the rest of the salad mix too (if you buy it in a bag and just dump it on the burger it's way faster to make.) Then I got out some carrots and celery and salad dressing, even though I didn't have any more salad leaves, because the salad mix had put me in the mind for salad.

But after the salad-free salad, and some more olives, and a couple crackers, I realized, what I really wanted was chocolate. But I don't have chocolate in the house, so I made some popcorn. Because those two tastes are obviously the same, aren't they? No, actually, they are not, and neither was the strawberry popsicle I had after that. And the juice I drank to get all that saltiness out of my system wasn't filling. At this point, I'm starting to run out of edible food in the house even though I went to the grocery store yesterday ---- I could soak some rice and beans, or eat a raw eggplant, or ---- I went back to the pickles. I'm also eyeing the last crumbs of parmesan cheese that I didn't finish when I had pasta the other day.

At this point, I start to realize that if you had put all of those things on a plate together I would have been pretty put off. What's next, sardines? Actually ... no, stop it!

Ok, that does it. It got cold, so I won't go to the corner ice cream place; I will instead trek upstream back to the supermarket and get me some real chocolate.

Who knows what the hell else I'll bring back.

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medieval woman said...

So funny! I've had many a meal like this, where you just eat gradually and continually from the fridge...