Sunday, September 2, 2007

Self Portrait Number 312: A Cog at the Beach

Happy Labor Day!Ok, you may need to interpret "beach" a bit more widely. Further pictures follow.

I know I'm spoiled by California --- I can go to the beach pretty easily, so I usually go during the school year on a weekday. (when I do actually go.) I forgot that this, as Labor day weekend and the last weekend before k-12 school starts, would be absolutely crazy and crowded. Plus it's hot --- it was in the 90s inside my apartment today, and the high 80s outside. Bleach!

I drove out of town to the closest state park beach and bought the very last day pass. (Yay spontaneity! Yay serendipity! And luck!) I wanted not to be surrounded by screaming yipping children and barbecue-ers, so I walked so far down the beach I got to the edge, which was rocks and unpleasant brackish-smelling water. The rocks were treacherous. Or at least round. And when you put a lot of round rocks together, with me, things get tricky.

The view to my left.

The view to my right (baby shower, quinceanera, and barbecue-ing beer guzzlers cropped out).

At around 4 I moved to a new spot where I posed for Self Portrait Number 315. Sand at last. I'm going to have a huge farmer tan. And my feet are going to be 12 shades darker than the rest of me, which was under an umbrella. Happy Labor Day all! Go do your reading somewhere pleasant.


gwoertendyke said...

i'm jealous. i want to be on a beach.

Horace said...

We had a similarly relaxing day--Zoo, sprinkler in the backyard (no drought here), neighborhood Ice Cream Social.

So how is it that I ended the day grading? Already?

And yes, I too envy you your beach.

Sisyphus said...

It's a nice beach; I just wish my apt would cool off to below 90 at nights. I can't sleep.