Monday, October 15, 2007

Boot Lust

Flavia's showing off her shiny new shoes. I covet them. (I'm loving the return to shiny patent leather in juicy bold colors.)

But I don't have any glossy red heels ... yet. But I did get my backordered, asskicking boots earlier than anticipated:

(yes, I am wearing clothes!)

Having such great asskicking boots makes me almost wish I had students this quarter because it would be so much fun to kick them around in these. Almost. I shall have to content myself with striking fear in the heart of the job market and bending it to my iron will.

(If I wore these to the MLA, would I be able to control my urge to smack some sense into pretentious and overbearing search committee members? I might have to stick with more sensible shoes.)

Updated because Blogger is letting me add pics again: Here's another shot showing off the heel for Flavia as well as my cute skirt. Still not the best angle. See why I need someone at home to take photos of me and generally admire my wonderfulness? Here's a better picture. And this is a boot I was tempted by, but ended up not liking as much. (there are many other nice boots on the site as well). Of course, no sooner do I get my boots then I get a catalog from somewhere else and the grass is greener here. Sigh. There are lots of boots I like over there too. Not that I have $400 to spend. Or need a bucketload of boots. Sigh sigh.


Flavia said...

Oooh! Me likey!

Love the stitching at the top. Can't quite see what the heel is doing--is it rounded at the back, but chunky? Or is it more like a kitten heel?

Ever since the day that I went to the shoe repair place in Grad School City and wound up waiting behind another, much hipper grad student (I'ma guessing French dept.) who was getting heels put on FOUR different pairs of knee boots, I've felt the need to have a similar stable. So far I'm up to three, the latest in a lovely deep cordovan color.

None, though, are quite as tough-chick as yours. If you don't wear them *to* your interviews, you should def. wear them as you're assembling your applications. Sometimes virtual ass-kicking is the better route.

Dr. Virago said...

Love them! LOVE them! In fact, I need a pair just like that (they're dark brown, right?). Where did you get them?

Sisyphus said...

dr. virago, they're from j.jill. Although I see them in the latest Garnet Hill catalog I got.

Flavia, the heels are stacked, and tapered a bit. The j.jill catalog had another boot with a kitten heel but I didn't like the top as much. If I could combine the two I could harness the awesome power of the boot and rule the world!

Flavia said...

No, no, no. These are MUCH nicer than the other pair--both the top and the heel. (I actually really dislike kitten heels--quite apart from the fact that they're hard to walk, much less stand for hours in front of a class in, I've always thought that the jogged-in placement of the heel is funny looking.) The tapering, though, is really nice: sleek, but still sturdy enough to kick some ass with.

Oh, and that skirt looks pretty fab, too.

Maude said...

i love the boots! i have some nice black ones that i love, but i wish the heal were different. but i'll totally make you a deal. if you wear your sweet-ass ass kicking boots to mla, i'll wear mine.

diggin the skirt, too.

St. Eph said...

Goodness, those are lovely. I'm also finding myself persuaded by the bow-topped boots you linked to. Despite the fact that I'm in way too deep already with my, um, four? pair of knee boots. Oh, dear.

Good luck on the applications that are out the door. Go, Cog, go!

Sisyphus said...

Go me! I'm going!

I have a pair of kitten-heel mules, and they suck. I'm always getting them stuck in the gaps of elevators and sidewalk cracks or escalators. But those kitten-heel boots just look cool. I'm sure you're right about the lack of comfortableness, though. ... Which should cheer up St Eph, who seems to think she has too many knee boots (pssst --- there are 7 days in the week!)

Ok, I'll wear the ass-kicking boots to at least one day of MLA. Or all of them, if I don't have any interviews to muck up. Then I will prowl the halls wreaking vengeance. Heh.