Monday, November 19, 2007

Things I Could Do Today Instead of Looking at the Wiki

  • dishes
  • pack for T-giving trip
  • hem new jeans
  • revisit (find) chapter to-do list
    • reread/revise itty-bitty drafted part
    • add on to draft by working on Subhead 2
    • (I did finish reading the Big Influential Text in My Field today though)
  • get presents for my blogger-buddies
  • write a substantive blog post (I have these ideas, see)
  • do I need more catfood? check
  • clean out the folders in my bag (also: clean out two sets of folders at school)
  • finish off last Other Job task
  • email _____ about DVD
  • email other _____ about DVD
  • email Cool Scientist Friend because she's cool, and because I saw her at the bus stop today but she was taking a different bus
  • rent another movie?
  • call my sister and plan holiday break stuff
  • sleep


Maude said...

well, the wiki isn't going to look over and obsess over itself now will it?


kermitthefrog said...

Is it called "ReReWriMo"? No, I don't think so. Never look back! Onwards, ever onwards!

Also, what maude said.

Belle said...

There are no food related items. I'd add eat something wonderful on that.

k8 said...

I am avoiding the wiki. The wiki makes me obsessive. It is evil.