Thursday, December 6, 2007

I swear I didn't do it...

... even though some people have accused me. What?? Just because I (well, We) Await Silent Trystero's Empire and doodle muted post-horns on the margins of my course notes? I'm no Pynchon scholar; I just like conspiracies. And wicked parodies of Jacobean drama.

They do add a nice bit of grittiness to our obsessively clean and plastic campus though, don't they? There's another one on the university center building, but I didn't get over there with my cell phone in time. Yeah, sorry about the picture quality --- I also have some nice close-ups of the mute being obscured with my big fat thumb if you're interested. Stupid little camera phone.

The Political Animal (who swore it was me; he hinted all around it until I was sure I was guilty of doing something very bad and just didn't remember) liked it but found it very incongruous for our wealthy and apathetic campus ---- "Really, if it were our undergrads tagging the campus, it'd be paeans to Ugg boots or something---"

I cut him off. "I would sooo love some Ugg boot graffiti around here instead of just wanna-be models wearing them! That, I might do. Big ugly smears of graffiti --- with the circle A on them just to confuse people. --- Ugg Boots and Anarchy! Yeah, I'm down with that."

"It had to be English majors though," TPA mused.

"Yeah, it's nice to see the English club out there getting involved, " I say.



(and I just have to add that I've been having a running argument for some years now with another fellow grad student ---- I think that this campus is the setting for the campus that gets taken over in Vineland by the students and they secede and rename it The People's Republic of Rock And Roll, or the P R Three (not PRC). I haven't read Vineland in a long time, though, and S has some good arguments about why it's another campus. But still, I enjoy the connection, even if it's fictitious.)

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