Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I'm Here!!!

Well, near enough. Now what?

(I'm not sure why I bothered to come, but whatever. I'd just be eating chex mix and being nagged by relatives about being unemployed otherwise.)


k8 said...

I'm driving in tomorrow. And, I will probably have a stash of chex mix since I plan to raid my parents' house to acquire non-perishable food to take with me.

SEK said...

Damn it, now I want Chex Mix. (And also to the be at the MLA. C'mon, admit it, you went for the parties, all of which will be excellent.)

(Randomly: isn't it annoying that Blogger calls it "Word Verification"? I mean, is "ivjxinu" really a word?)

Flavia said...

You are here (there) because you have many devoted readers who will be fighting each other to buy you drinks.

I get in tomorrow, a bit after noon CST, after a brutally early flight from the West Coast and probably an unfun trip from O'Hare via public transit. If you see an unkempt, unshowered, semi-hysterical person trying to get the front desk to check her in early so she can sleep and bathe? That'll be me.

St. Eph said...

Welcome! I hope you enjoyed the one nice day before the city started spitting on everything. If you need a break from the conferencing, I highly recommend strolling over to the Lush outpost in the State St. Macy's and inhaling deeply.

I'm trying to work up the wherewithal to actually register. Is it worth it just for the book exhibit and skulking around my department's "party"?

Horace said...

I have never had more fun at an MLA than the one where I was involved in no interview processes at all. Going to random sessions that seemed vaguely interesting, meeting up with people, drinking with people you're meeting up with, making fun of the preponderance of tweed, add up to too much fun.

Maude said...

sis, we'll be the two lone non-interviewing non-tenure track job havin (non-job havin' for that matter, eh?) wild women at the conference! what could be more fun than that?? my roommate, who's off with her daughter, doesn't have interviews either, but they're off doing expensive things like going places around chi-town. not me baby! 13.95 for internet is about all i can afford, so i'm going to soak up whatever i can that's free, which means conference panels. woo-hoo!!