Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's in

but it doesn't feel any closer to done.

However, I am taking a momentary respite from dissertating to trank up on some drugs for my cramps and my headache, and take a nap.

The motherfucking essays can wait one day longer. It's not like they can get any worse.

And while I'm at it, here, have a catnap picture:

That reminds me I have more pics on my camera. At some point I need to download them to have more annoying cat posts for you all.


Horace said...

Done or perfect? They're not the same.

Either way, in is better than not in...Congrats...

kermitthefrog said...

I will resist your understatement, and say congratulations!!! with multiple exclamation points!!!11!

and way to smother yourself with cat love.

Maude said...

yes! Congratulations!!!!!! I will do the roger rabbit in your honor!!!!!

Here's to our both entering a new stage of suckiness!

zombieswan said...


Now, you can officially get started on the even suckier phase of PhDness of being done but not employed. :) :)

But it still rocks having at least that turned in draft behind you, doesn't it? :)

You ROCK!!! (Picture me holding up those UT/Devil's Horns/Pagan Symbolism things.) And if you can't picture me, just think: Younger Molly Ringwald with a PhD and slightly less red hair. :)

zombieswan said...

Oh yea. And sexy librarian glasses.

Renaissance Girl said...

hallelujah. sleep in. drink something.

k8 said...

There is no such thing as "annoying cat posts."

And congrats!

D said...

Every time I have to say "it's in," something disastrous is about to happen. So I hope you have better luck.

I've been on spring break for three days, and already my brain is soft as an egg white. Good luck grading, and god bless your cats. Always good for a grin.