Monday, June 30, 2008

Blogging the Lost, Critical Edition

Is it possible to find a citation one has lost by blogging it? Where the hell could it be?

I went in to school thinking that this book I need to cite, thus finishing off one of these last little notes to myself, was in the office where I had left it. There were four monographs in there because I had too much teaching stuff to take home the other day (ah, the perils of working on multiple projects in multiple locations! I had an "oh shit the lesson plan is on the laptop not the flashdrive" moment today too, but then I realized I had saved it with the wrong name.).

The book I wanted and remembered was among these four. However, none of them are citing the theorist I remembered they did. Argh! I could not have made this up, could I? But I thought I had out all my Author X books right now? The only ones I put back, I thought, were the ones that I thought were shitty. (Old, outdated, basically.) But where is my wonderful "nuts to you, Bataille! Not everything is about the freakin' potlach. Ha!" quote? It is not in any of these books. I checked all the indexes, at any rate ---- do I have to reread them again? I guess now I need to go back into the library and trace my footsteps to figure out this mysterious reference that I am sure exists but could just be my brain giving out after the long dissertation haul.

Oh monograph, come out come out wherever you are!

In other news, it is hard keeping up with all you people on my Bloglines! I can't manage to read and to post my own maunderings. And really, I should be prepping for tomorrow. Or washing that massive pile of dishes. Or going and getting ice cream. Mmm.

The chapter cleaning continues, although, as you can see, sometimes the line on the to-do list that reads "fill in these four citations" takes a few minutes, and other times takes an entire afternoon of running about like a headless chicken. Gah! I suppose I should go work on it now. Dammit ---- at least its not the dishes.


Anonymous said...

omg, this has happened to me as well, it is SO frustrating!

Anonymous said...

You can occasionally get lucky by searching Google Books, but I imagine you've tried that by now. Even less frequently, you can expand your search pool to Amazon "search inside" with some success. Other than that, unless the UC library system offers full-text book searches, well...

Sisyphus said...

Found it!

And no, phoenixcomplex, you have to remember at least some of the actual words to do a search, so it doesn't work if you just want to go by "it was on the left hand page and I read it in the past month." Heh.

Anonymous said...
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