Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekend Checklist

Graded a cubic fuckload of student essays? Check.

Read a buncha boring articles and prepared to teach section? Check.

Completed, or at least worked on, final dissertation chapter?


I said, completed, or

--- Quick, look behind you, it's Elvis!

And now to completely change ths subject, I am not a person of foresight and good planning. My camera broke, well somewhat (a crack on the battery cover that I was having to hold or tape shut to get it to turn on), a few weeks ago, and I thought, "Aha! I must send this off to the repair people right away so t hat I can document my graduation, plus annoy the world with gratuitous cat pictures!" So I shipped it off.

Unfortunately, just on Saturday I got the email that they have received it and diagnosed the problem. Silly cog! You have forgotten that you are sending it off to be entombed in the bowels of a bureaucracy and it will never possibly get back in time for graduation! That sucks. I'm not sure what to do about that now. And not only that, but it is Purple Season here and I can't take pictures of all the beautiful purpleosity! Or my cats being cute! Or any of the other stuff I want random pictures of. Argh.

I went up into the hills this weekend --- well, no, not very far --- and graded like a madwoman with Dissertation Buddy. We set up beach chairs under some twisty oaks, and the light came through so beautifully. Plus, we walked by tons of twisty purple-blossomed Jacaranda trees on the way in, and it was oh-so-wonderful. Sigh. But could I take a picture of it? Nooo!

However, I will close this post with this:

(heeeey, baby! I am like GQ model, no?)

Ha, you thought you were safe from the cat pictures? You were wrong! I got reserves, baby, let me tell you, motherfucking reserves.


Quiche said...

Jacaranda trees are my favorite. It makes me homesick thinking of them.

medieval woman said...

Hee, hee....oh, Sis - you do make me laugh. That is a highly cutye reserve pic - is that Timido?

azoresdog said...

I haven't been commenting much lately, but I'm still around and I must say: you crack me up.

Also: I have totally been using your phrase "cubic fuckload" lately and mentally crediting you. Hee.

k8 said...

There can never be too many cat pictures.

Dr. Crazy said...

Ah, the kitty-cat photo reserve. SWEEET!

Sisyphus said...

This is Loquito, cat of much loud annoyingness. And grunting. Yes, seriously.

I'm glad to make you all smile! And I'm especially glad that the phrase cubic fuckload (tho not my own) is getting widespread popularity.

Belle said...

Massive popularity in cubic fuckload. And kitty cuteness too. I love your tuxedo cat.