Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Argh! The Trouble With Tribbles

These Tribbles are ruining my life!!!! See?

Oh wait, that's not a Tribble, that's a cat. Huh. Well, they are still making my life miserable, starting with shredding up the carpet of my rental place. Now they have learned that gnawing up the carpet will bring me running at all hours of the day and night to scold them and thwack them and cover everything with Bitter Apple and carefully snip off the ragged ends so that they can't make it worse, and they have learned that this will wake me up, giving them the chance to say, "hey, while you're up, we'd like some fresher food than what you put down a couple hours ago. Change it, willya?"


I had such troubles sleeping the other night that I pooped out at nine last night and went to bed. But then had to get up almost constantly from 3 am on, either to deal with the cats or to pee or because I had gotten hungry by this point --- I even finally shut the cats into their cat carriers for a bit to get a couple hours of sleep, but I didn't really ever drop back asleep.

So I skipped my workout this morning which is annoying and expensive, and now I am groggy and grumpy and it looks like it will be another hot day again (possibly contributing to the tossy-turny nights) and my brain is fried already, and my cats are alternating between smiling smugly at me and sleeping like the innocent little angels they are not, and I do not have the mental wherewithal to do all sorts of intensive job market material revision, or really much of anything at all, including using proper punctuation, so deal with it.

Hmm. I think step one is I need cold and delicious coffee. Maybe if I print and pack everything up and take it to the coffee place, drink an entire coffee, and then ever-so-casually look at everything, I will be able to trick myself into actually doing something. Here goes.


Psych Post Doc said...

Good luck. Yummy coffee and a change of location is probably just what you need.

Anonymous said...

Is it really worth it to worry so much about the carpet at your rental? You'll end up paying the deposit anyway, don't you think? So, why put yourself through the stress and sleepless nights? I say, let the cats have at it!

Breena Ronan said...

They are just bored! Can't let them outside to play? My kitties have to stay inside at our new place. :(