Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ooh, I wish...

that I looked this good in gold lame. I like the idea of me being the "outta my way, I'm headed straight for the top!" type.

Although, technically, this is Joan in her 30s era look ---- if we really wanted to go with the "Mad Men" time period, we'd need to look at her later films, like Woman on the Beach, or The Damned Don't Cry (surely one of the best movie titles evar. Loves me some eyebrows!)

Quiz as seen at Maude, PhD's.

Your result for Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn? Or Someone Else? Mad Men-era Female Icon Quiz...

You Are a Joan!


You are a Joan -- "I need to succeed"

Joans are energetic, optimistic, self-assured, and goal oriented.

How to Get Along with Me

  • * Leave me alone when I am doing my work.

  • * Give me honest, but not unduly critical or judgmental, feedback.

  • * Help me keep my environment harmonious and peaceful.

  • * Don't burden me with negative emotions.

  • * Tell me you like being around me.

  • * Tell me when you're proud of me or my accomplishments.

What I Like About Being a Joan

  • * being optimistic, friendly, and upbeat

  • * providing well for my family

  • * being able to recover quickly from setbacks and to charge ahead to the next challenge

  • * staying informed, knowing what's going on

  • * being competent and able to get things to work efficiently

  • * being able to motivate people

What's Hard About Being a Joan

  • * having to put up with inefficiency and incompetence

  • * the fear on not being -- or of not being seen as -- successful

  • * comparing myself to people who do things better

  • * struggling to hang on to my success

  • * putting on facades in order to impress people

  • * always being "on." It's exhausting.

Joans as Children Often

  • * work hard to receive appreciation for their accomplishments

  • * are well liked by other children and by adults

  • * are among the most capable and responsible children in their class or school

  • * are active in school government and clubs or are quietly busy working on their own projects

Joans as Parents

  • * are consistent, dependable, and loyal

  • * struggle between wanting to spend time with their children and wanting to get more work done

  • * expect their children to be responsible and organized

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Flavia said...

Me too! Knew there was a reason I liked you.

Sisyphus said...

We'll go out together some time wearing lame and drinking gimlets. I have no idea what's in a gimlet, but it sounds like it matches the lame.

Flavia said...

Actually? The gimlet used to be my favorite drink. It's basically gin and lime juice.

I'm 80% certain I'll be at MLA--as I assume will you? We can ply our wiles there!