Sunday, October 26, 2008

PHD Comics on "Academic" Salaries:

This one's for Horace. (Though, as I pointed out before, the new UC president Mark Yudof (who just ordered more draconian cuts and who was tasked by the governor to have the earlier round of cuts come most heavily from the administration side) is at over 800k, plus all sorts of fancy perks, not 300k.)

In other news, don't read the newspapers/magazines right before bed. I had McCain dreams last night, which meant a really rotten level of sleep. Gah! I need to get back to that article as well as prep a huge pile of letters to send out Monday (falling behind, falling behind) but can't seem to make myself move. I may just sit here a while, contemplating coffee, until I have enough energy to pack up all my stuff and go in search of it.


Bardiac said...

My state's averages are significantly lower, except, maybe, for the big football schools.


I used to hear rumors that your sister school down south's chancellor had an attack helicopter and an escape chute (from the second or third story), just in case we students got uppity.

k8 said...

In terms of dreams: if it makes you feel any better, I had a dream in which my sister morphed into Sarah Palin. I blame a picture a facebook friend posted. It showed SP in the '80s wearing one of those huge belts - it happened to be just like one my sister had. There my sister was, back in her high school queen bee glory, tormenting the hell out of me, and she morphed into SP. This was not a good dream.

Horace said...

Heh. Actually, I'm surprised the average is actually that high...but sadly, not surprised enough. Thanks for the shout-out!