Thursday, October 16, 2008

You little fucker!

You little shit ---- first you wake me up all hours of the night last night destroying my stuff and knocking over and breaking things, and now you chew through my laptop cord ---- my new laptop cord I just bought after dropping and bending the plug on the old one and which I have no interest at all in replacing, two days later. I should break your furry little neck, you ass.

I guess blogging will be light until I fix this?


Dr. Crazy said...

Dear Cat of Sisyphus,
I have heard of your reign of terror, and I applaud you. While it is true that I have never taken to chewing cords, I applaud your inventiveness. Of late, I have enjoyed ripping books to shreds under the cover of darkness, so I am a compatriot of yours.

Best wishes,
The Man-Kitty. (And yes, I totally typed this myself.)

Belle said...

I am being held hostage by my younger cat, who insists that I mention that sometimes cats 'misbehave' (although she is adamantly opposed to that idea) to get the attention of a neglectful human. She wants me to tell you that it might be a sign of poor health.

She also sends her congratulations to Sisyphus for the ideas.

(as the lowly human servant of said cat, I totally understand the problem, but I daren't say that out loud.)

Anonymous said...

How did my cat get all the way over there into your apartment???

Bardiac said...

Is it too late to get a puppy? (Because, you know, they NEVER chew on things! And they never wake you up in the night. And they're always ready to take you for a walk or play, especially if you happen to get wakened in the middle of the night by an evil cat.)

ortho said...

Have you thought about finding your animals a new home? Their acting out suggests they are unhappy in their current home. Or maybe you and them should visit an animal communicator. Perhaps they are trying to tell you something, but you just do not understand.

Prof. Poirot said...

My cat did the same thing, except to a departmental laptop that they loaned me (I was teaching a class). $130 to replace the power supply. She's got some kind of fixation with soft plastics and has gone through extension cords, Christmas lights, the plastic ends on the arms of my glasses (now held together with scotch tape).

I use Grannick's Bitter Apple on everything now--pre-emptively so that she won't chew things in the night and destroy them. Works like a charm.

Best of luck with your furry monsters.