Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Like Chinese boxes, or maybe an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a vest

I wonder what the search committees think when they get a big ol' express mail envelope and open it to discover another, regular envelope all sealed and addressed inside it.

But seriously, wtf is up with the post office insisting on doing the express option (or even overnight) to get an envelope from one point of CA to another point in CA by Friday? Seriously, people! These are not far and distant points in this grand state either, I would like to point out.

Anywhoo, search committees, it is actually not a sign of the applicant's fumblyness but the Evil Postal Services. Don't forget this, kthanxbai.


Bardiac said...

In an effort to comfort you about this, from my experience, I'd say it's unlikely the search committee will actually do the opening of envelops. We've always had admin assistants open envelops, start a file and a file list, and then make sure that everything associated with a candidate gets put into the correct file (and into the correct search).

Susan said...

Yes, and even if we opened the envelope, we'd probably guess it was the Post Office. They always say that if you want guaranteed delivery, express mail is the only way to go.

My word is plish, which is what I'd say to the post office :)

sexy said...
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Anonymous said...

If I opened it, I'd say What A Careful Packer! Gold stars! But our office people do the opening and creating of files before we see them on the hiring committee.