Sunday, April 19, 2009

MMAP Update April 19: Neener Neener

I just want all of you people on the semester system, who have been talking about how you have 9 days or 3 days left of teaching or whatever and soon you will be off on your summer break, that today was a gorgeous day, hot and clear, even at the shore's edge, which made going into the icy, kelp-filled Pacific ocean worthwhile.

I may have 7 more weeks of school left, but my summer is here right now, baby! Hah!

And sure, I could have worked on my article today, but why?

* I forgot my camera so I grabbed some pics similar to my view off the web. And actually I felt guilty so I spent about a half hour tonight typing in all the changes I had made on the draft I printed the other day. I may go swimming at the beach again tomorrow. Yes. Yes indeed.


Bardiac said...

I'm consumed by jealousy!

OCEAN! Salt air!

If you go visit redwood trees, I will swoon with jealousy!

Sisyphus said...

Heh, I'll have to go find some redwood trees that haven't burned down yet and make you jealous!

Anonymous said...

Envy! I wish I could take a walk at the ocean. But our semester just started, so there is no possibility for any vacation right now :(

Charles Montgomery said...

Whoa.. I was thinking Monterey til I saw the palm tree. Now I'm thinking SoCal.

Either way, as an ex-Cali lad in Seoul, this made me homesick.