Monday, August 31, 2009

The first paragraph, Mad Libs version

Hey, I wrote a paragraph this afternoon! (and with that, you know this blog has moved back into the familiar and ever-so-annoying, I'm sure, blogging of every minute and painful detail of my writing progress. Prepare to be bored.)

I was having luck with just writing and planning on going back through and putting in the dates and quotes and details later. Right now I have about a page of crap, liberally interspersed with _____ or [get the quote from the bio and put it here]. I'm hoping that this will keep my momentum going, as I can make it to the end of my train of thought and of the paragraph, and then go search my 800 different word files of notes and quotes and thoughts to myself later to fill it in. Usually I fill in as I go, and then forget where I am going when I finally have located that quote 30 minutes later.

Unfortunately, two days of hot weather and little sleep mean that I am really crashing. More than my usual afternoon lag. (I had a wonderful time of it last night trying to get my drunken-looking fan to stand upright, and then broke it. Even once I got it cooler in my room my blood was still boiling from frustration.) So I'm going to go home and take a nap (hope I'm good for driving), and rest up and maybe play with the cats if it is not too much of an oven at my place.

Crazy utopian goal for tomorrow: two paragraphs.

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Phul Devi said...

Crazy utopian goal for tomorrow: two paragraphs.

Dream big, Cog!