Sunday, August 23, 2009

Peopled Out

It is a sign of how happy I am to have my place to myself again and all my little routines returned to normal that I was actually thrilled to clean things and do laundry and put the sofabed away. I would never want to compare my dear friend to stinking fish, so let's just point out that I am the epitome of the introvert. My cats must be too. They are happy and quiet and back to normal now. And I have no desire to talk to anyone at present. Hiding in a cube in the library while reading my boxes of crap sounds lovely right now!

Based on our conversations and revisiting of old stomping grounds and various adventures I had many moments where I wanted to write up emails to people and really really wanted to tell them everything and see how they are doing. But right now I don't feel like doing that --- as if even emailing someone would be too draining right now. Heh. I hope to have the urge return sometime this week so I can get caught up. I love to get phone calls and emails but am a terrible sender of them myself. Plus, I often verbally or mentally respond to the email as I get it, then think I actually sent a real email, and then not only not write them back, but get all huffy that they are slacking on sending me an email. In response to my imaginary response, you know. Crazy.

I didn't keep track of what I ate on this week of insane celebration, but I saved receipts to add into my creaky old version of quicken, and man! I need to go on both a food and a money diet starting immediately. No eating out, no drinking, as little spending as possible. Whoo! It was crazy --- a couple days I ended up buying food out for all my meals plus snacks! (It involved trying to get my friend places she needed to go and otherwise put out fires, then it was combined with laziness and the lack of a packed lunch to bring along with me. So, as is usual for me about once every three-four months I hereby declare it to be a New Year and am officially Turning Oveer a New Leaf, rededicating myself to the cause, as it were.

That's all I've got. I may tell you some stories of the (obnoxious and bro-ish) people who populate Cool Scientist Friend's department, but I also may be over that and just put them out of my mind. I will just say that the stupid sexist crap you see in an English department is nothing compared to what goes on in some of the other, more science-y, disciplines.

Ok, back to the hermit cave. Whoo-hoo!


Phul Devi said...

Quiet and peace to you! I know how hard it can be to long for that!

Psycgirl said...

I get peopled out really easily myself - it's nice to see that other people like me exist :) I often need a mini-vacation after I spend a long time with friends, as much as I love seeing them.

I echoed your money and food diet this weekend. So broke, and the semester hasn't even begun!

jenniw said...
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