Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Random Bullets Of Nothing in Particular to Report

  • Life, friends, is boring.
  • We must not say so.
  • I've been working, sitting around, and working some more. This summer will go down as being a very low face-time contact sort of summer. Eh.
  • I bought a bag of Trader Joe's Spicy Flaxseed and Soy tortilla chips, which is a tragedy. They make me rather ill (flaxseed can do that to you, that and the fiber overload) and yet they are tortilla chips. I bought them becuase they were the only things in the TJ store coated with that ever-so-addicting fake spicy dust crap. So even though they are not so great, and make me ill, I ate half the bag last night. Today I have had some and probably will not stop until the bag is gone by the end of the night, regardless of whether I am hungry. It's just the way I am with chips and salsa stuff. Whatever. I'll just go back to my usual strategy of not bringing it into the house.
  • I've been very good about putting full days into working, reading my stuff, combing the sources. I may even be able to train myself out of my need for a midafternoon nap.
  • Unfortunately, I am moving slower through this list of stuff to read than I'd like (isn't it always the case?) Even with putting in full days. I want to get through it all and then have a brilliant brainstorm and get my new article all written up so I can send it out before I do the job market and I can list it on my cv. Sometimes I try to add up the time left and worry that I won't be able to do it. Then I end up sitting around and worrying. I've decided my best coping strategy is just to not think about it at all right now. Just read through the list of stuff as fast as I can.
  • That doesn't mean I'm reading the book I brought home today right now does it? Heh.
  • Also, all the blogs I read are not updating enough. I need some interesting developments, or at least fun and light fluff, to occupy me in the evenings. Get posting!
  • Oddly enough, while working all day makes me really crave reading peoples' blogs at night, it does not induce any desire in me to write a post, hence the slow blogging right now.
  • What else?
  • It's been kinda blah and gray around here, but if the weather gets nicer maybe I'll go over to the beach. Or take a nice hike.
  • I always say that, and then I end up sitting around not really doing anything all weekend. Inertia, thy name is Cog!
  • I have been going to my spin class regularly though ---- I so need the structure of a class! They keep changing up the format so that I am miserable each and every time, which I never would do, and they always push me --- you should see how lightly I work out on my own. One of the instructors (they rotate) plays music I like, too, music that I don't know (others, I will admit, play pop crap I don't want to listen to, but whatever.) Sometimes she plays electronica ---- like this or this ---- that can totally shut my brain off in a cool way. Like I stop thinking completely. No brain. It's great! Of course, she always fights against it and is pushing for me to "stay present" and really be in the moment because you get the best workout that way. Maybe I should take up meditation. Heh.
  • Still no clue what is up for Fall yet. I'm hoping to get something set up that will be the optimum mix of structure and sociability and free time to get all my writing and job-applying done.
  • Mmm. Not gonna think about that now, that's for sure. I do not need to hyperventilate over that this evening.
  • PS the cats say hi. They are as annoying and cute as usual. Maybe you need some cat pics?


Anonymous said...

Cat pictures sounds great :)

Academic, Hopeful said...

I an up and down with feelings too, partly all emotions and fighty, then quite calm, even detached. I have a co-authorship squabble going on (about who goes first!) which is pretty dispiriting.

But I am also seeing one of my favourite comedians, Bill Bailey, tomorrow night which is a gnome-shaped carrot for today.

I smiled knowingly at that 'I do not need to hyperventilate over that this evening.'

As for meditating, it can be incredibly useful for enouraging calm focus, but the self-discipline it requires to do it is always in proportion to how much we need it.

medieval woman said...

Hee, hee: "Intertia, they name is Cog!"...

And we definitely need some cat pics...

Academic, Hopeful said...

Hey, I just put some happy times stuff up on my blog. Malaise is rife in blogland at the moment. Cat pics please.