Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I think I pointed out how I caved and ordered a heart-rate monitor? Well, it arrived a few days ago, and I just took it out and am playing with it so that I know sortof what I'm doing in spin class. (I love how Bardiac also ordered one not too long ago and the day it came she ripped it out of the box and immediately went on a 20-mile bike ride with it. More proof, as if anyone needed it, that I am sooo not an athletic person. I am a couch potato who is trying to force herself to exercise.)

I may have to bring a cheat sheet because there's no way I'm going to remember what all my numbers should be. I went outside and tried jumping up and down and was surprised that it barely registered. So I got out a jump rope (oh just ask what sorts of crazy workout equipment I have that I don't use) and tried jumping and even that didn't move it much and then I got bored. Heh.

While playing with it I was briefly disappointed that I had gotten the cheapest version, because, you know, it would be sort of cool to clock how many miles my "bike" goes in spin class each week, but after checking prices and models, I'd have to go up to something way expensive that had a GPS monitor and way too fancy of a processor (I don't think I'll be getting lost on my stationary bike any time soon). So it's probably all to the good. Although now with carrying that and all the other stuff to class now I feel like it would be nice to have a real bag to keep my stuff organized. Damn you, purchases! You are just a slippery slope of consumer slipperiness! Keep strong, Cog.

I was pleased at how early I hit the coffee shop this morning and that I got a good chunk of work in --- put in time all morning. Then I was sleepy and slow and didn't do much all afternoon. Ah well, that's the way of things. I did run into some people in my program and commiserate though, that's something. But other than that, not much has been going on here to report. Will fill you in on the excitement of my new heart monitor soon.


Bardiac said...

Another one!

What I didn't mention in that post was that it took me three or four rides to figure out how to get it to the "exercise" point without an alarm constantly going off. I'm just that electronically sophisticated!

(Now I secretly want to see what it looks like while I'm teaching, because I totally teach on adrenaline!)

Maude said...

uh, yeah, I have a couple of these. like who needs more than one heart rate monitor? i have one that I wear ALL DAY to calculate calorie burn. I have a tan line from it. A TAN LINE (which is evident in my wedding pictures!) from a heart rate monitor/calorie burn tracker/pedometer! I am a dork!

they're great to have though. i love them, and they are really worth it once you get the monitor figured out.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, you know what would be so fun? To wear it to the coffee shop next time and see if your heart rate changes when you're writing.

Congrats on being so diligent. (And I have to say I loved the consumery point...I alwys need to find just the right bag for my new stuff too. LOL.)

Sisyphus said...

But Maude, don't you have to wear that band thingy that goes underneath your boobs? It feels all uncomfortable to me, I'm not sure I could wear it all day!

Bard, I didn't even try to set the upper and lower limits for just that reason. Of course I didn't remember my zone numbers either, though! Figures. But, I will add, I did not noticeably embarrass myself during class, which was my point for not programming it.

Maude said...

one of the ones I have, which I guess isn't really a heart rate monitor, but tracks calorie burn and exercise and steps, i wear on my arm. the other one, with the "boob strap"--yeah, that one I only wear when working out.