Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ok, *Now* I am prograstinating!

Yesterday I worked for a long time on my job apps, although I won't count them as "out" yet since I still need to put them in the department mailing bin when the office opens on Monday. Today, however, I have not.

The problem was my kitchen. It had progressed at some point beyond "filthy" to "downright horrible to be in for any length of time." I have Goldilocks Syndrome, you see, when it comes to cleaning and doing dishes --- it can't be too hot or too cold out --- and when you have cats tracking litter and cat hair every where you can't let it go for weeks like before you had pets. So I did an enormous mound of dishes last night and still had more to finish this morning.

But then I noticed my bell peppers (when the hell did I buy bell peppers? I don't remember that. How did they get into my house?) were all wrinkly and starting to go, which reminded me to go through the fridge and clean it out, which led to me chopping up all the veggies first, as that is a major reason why my floor gets filthy and this way I only have to do it once today.

So I chopped food all morning after doing the dishes (I'm going to make a veggie gratin tonight! Yay! And thus will have lunches for the week!) and then made lunch and ate it and then scrubbed down the damn kitchen. Now I am happy and may spend the rest of the evening sitting in there admiring it and not touching anything.

And I also did the last of the laundry and cleaned the living room, which, because it is right next to the filthy kitchen, had quite a bit of cat litter tracked around on it, so this too was necessary. And as a side note, can I say that I love it when the laundry machines in my building work? I have figured out why I hate laundromats: with the ideal system, I can just take the loads downstairs and start them and then go up and have half the dishes washed before my timer goes off. I think having your own washer and dryer in your own unit is not an ideal system either, but that could just be due to the number of times the machines downstairs have leaked, flooded, or started oozing goo.

Now I am tired after all this work. And sore because I did a mat Pilates class yesterday and it seems to use muscles differently than the machines, because whew boy! my calves. I should go to the drugstore since the mop head ripped off but I think I will put that off for a bit, (not like I'm going to go right back to floor-scrubbing now that I've given it a good cleaning) for if I go to the store I will probably buy lots more food (and undoubtedly bell peppers will hitch a ride on the underside of my shopping bags in an attempt to infiltrate my house) and that will undercut my attempt to use up all the veggies and have all my meals set up for the week. Plus, if I cook a lot this week, the kitchen will just go back the way it was even faster.

I guess, then, I should go work on my job apps. Or look at my job apps. Or pretend to think about looking at my job apps. Because I had worked up a Schedule for the week, and job apps definitely were on it for today. I don't want to get behind. Oh wait, is it five? I need to start dinner!


Anonymous said...

I think I want some veggie gratin, too. How do you make it? In any case, nice schedule of events today.

Susan said...

I'm coming over for the veg gratin.