Monday, March 22, 2010

I should be grading. Thphphphphphpht!

I just got off work and wolfed down some leftovers. I should return to my grading and finish it off and start tallying up all the numbers and things. Pffffft! My brain is melted. All I want to do is look at shiny things.Therefore, since I'm admiring various shoes on zappos (no money to buy them though), I should post some of the pics I like. Shoeblogging! Mmm.This is cute.
This is interesting. I like the side stuff but not the bar across the top.Ohhhh why do I not own bright carrot orange patent heels??? Fabulous. I hope it's metallic like the glossy paint on lowriders with the little flecks of gold in it. While I'm at it, I want a carrot orange lowrider with bright gold flames, too. (What? I never said I was subtle in my style!)

Hmm ordinarily I would have said these were cute shoes but coming directly after the neon orange marvelousness I find myself saying, "Woman, what foolishness is this? Your lower extremities exist for displaying bling! The clothing part of your wardrobe is always very safe and boring --- don't consign your feet to the same forgetableness!" Evidently I now talk to myself about my fantasy shoe purchases.
Ummm no.
I like this, even though with my short feet peep-toes don't really work on me. I usually look toeless, and the effect is kinda creepy, like an amputee.

Also interesting.These are also suitably different and weird.
Squiggly things!

Do I like these? Please advise.
As long as I'm looking at shoes but not having to figure out how to stand and walk for long periods in them, I may as well check out these.

Well, thoughts?


Phul Devi said...

Loving the orange fabulousness! I agree: they should be metallic. I also agree that the black flats are pretty bland.

The green wedgies would be cute on a 15-year-old.

I like the spectator pumps! They're a classic, and this is a good version.

I don't think you like the gingham strangeness. At least, I don't/

Maude said...

Ditto to Squadrato's comments, especially the orange shoes. I want them, too!

And no, you don't like the gingham shoes. No. No. No.

Musey_Me said...

I like the second ones - retro but new. The gingham ones - no, you don't like. But, I do see why you might be drawn to them. I totally agree on the orange and ones after them!

medieval woman said...

Love the orange pumps and the tweed pumps with the little buckle - and the t-strap brown ones with the low heel!

Anonymous said...

OOh, those black/white retro shoes: they are wonderful! Thanks for the lovely shoe blogging, AC!

Unknown said...

nobody likes the flowered ones, eh?

Susan said...

(Another Susan) I like the Black and white geometrical ones -- sort of interesting and unusual. And the tweed with buckles -- totally.
Not sure where that green stuff comes from though!

English Adjunct said...

You do not know how happy this made me to come to an "academic" type blog and find shoes. Love it!

The orange heels? Love. Color down there, especially with blah work pants, is a great pick-me-up.

The black shoes are blah. You can find cuter but still sensible shoes.

The gingham ones-hmm. I think I would like these much better without that square of a heel.

Renaissance Girl said...

I'll weigh in in favor of the orange ones too. And the 8th ones--I don't know how to describe them. LIke 50s be-bop bowling shoes with a heel.