Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Weird Junk Mail

It's not the "free cremation!" coupons I got a while back, nor is it the industrial/medical supplies catalog I got once but didn't blog about (need rubber tubing in thirty different gauges in packs of a thousand? Have I got the catalog for you!), but this is still pretty weird.

Why would anyone send a catalog for press-on carpet squares to an apartment dweller? And why have the designers ruined that gorgeous high-ceilinged wrought-iron view with those ugly mod purple and orange and brown squares? I do not understand.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but nothing is funnier than calling this catalog "FLOR" with one O. Magnificent. Actually, I saw a DVD of a minimalist performance of Parsifal (in Zurich) in which the flower girls of act 2 held up, in lieu of flowers, large colored squares. Not carpet (as far as I could tell), but that's the best I've got.

heu mihi said...

Ooh, I think I've seen clips of that Parsifal. It is the Weirdness.

But dude, Sisyphus! How could you ask that? Did you not read the catalogue's subheading? It was because they were *inspired*, dammit!

The one "O" lends the item a kind of faux-Swedish feeling, doesn't it? It's like a whiff of Ikea wafting through your mailbox.

kfluff said...

I also get this catalog (the real question I ponder is which place that I order from sold my name to these people?), and I have to say, it might be growing on me. Squares of shag rug? Or better---when the cat pukes on a piece, you just disconnect it and put in a new one!

You may want to avoid touching this catalog----they might put drugs in the pages...

minerrva said...

Dude! This is a weird topic to choose to speak out about but actually Flor is pretty great.

If you live in an apartment with hardwood floors like I do, and the hard-ass landlords require that you cover 70% with carpet, Flor is cheaper and better wearing than the other options in that price range. Not all the patterns are crazy mod colors--they have a really wide range of colors so you can match just about any color scheme you already have going.

And like kfluff says, clean up is easy because the squares are washable and you just have to clean the patch in question.

PLUS they are not really an evil corporation (unless I do more digging and I dig up something on them)---if you've seen the documentary The Corporation, the owner of Interface carpet company (maker of Flor) was featured in it, talking about their goal of carbon-neutral production by 2020 (they recycle their products--you can send them back in) and do other cool stuff too.

So yeah. If I need more carpet, I will go to Flor first.

BTW, have been loving reading your blog for the past 3 or so years Sisyphus, and I wish you well in your (job) search!