Friday, May 28, 2010

Nothing Much Here

Hello. I am really really tired for some reason. Maybe I need to take a nap? I've kinda gotten out of the habit though.

Packing Update: I have gotten through most of the file cabinet (I don't want to pack up the last bit, which is the bills/utilities paperwork, until closer to moving time, whenever that is) and packed a box of CDs. I was complaining to my niece about there not being any more cd-buyback places around here any more, and she told me to keep them in case. She has a point: if my computer were to die completely, I'd lose all the stuff entered into my itunes. Ok, fine then. So I packed them up.

I have also consolidated some piles, and today I kept finding PMLAs in various places and skimming them and tossing them. (by which I mean, recycling them. I am a good little environmentalist.) I have many more journals where those came from, however.

I'm losing steam, though. Unless it's just that I'm tired and need a nap. I've done a lot with the stuff that is out, but havent' tackled closets or drawers yet. But doing that will pull clutter out of where it is hidden and leave it in big piles (or boxes) where it is visible. So perhaps I shall wait to do more packing. Or I will assemble my wardrobe box and pack up my coats and heavy things. Hmm. I am undecided. And slothful. And waiting. Kinda feel like I can't do much anyway.

Ok I can't think of anything to actually write, so I'm going to take the nap now. Did I have a bad couple nights' sleep? Usually I remember that, and this time I don't. But my brain is mush. Not that I need to use my brain at the moment, but still. A nap it is, then.


medieval woman said...

When's the phone interview?

~profgrrrrl~ said...

Oh, packing. Stressful on the best of circumstances when you know and like where you're going.