Friday, August 6, 2010

Space Suggestions

Ok, I'm watching tv and hanging out, watching bad programs with one eye on the tv and one on the computer. Yay. And since someone was nagging for pictures even before I got my stuff or internet, I'm posting yet again, uploading some pictures and asking for advice about decorating.

Look, I have another bathroom to decorate! It's all white and blank and a lovely fresh slate:

I had this great idea to paint the room a celery or mint green and putting up some strong black and white cutouts, like these patterns, and add some more silver touches.

But then I reread my renter's agreement based on the warnings of my sister and discovered that I am not allowed to paint anything. Le sigh.

Below is my bedroom, decorated in a lovely minimalist "absent-moving-vehicle" motif:

And what's this? The exact same room from another angle? Why no! It's the future site of my wonderful and amazing office. Currently it is a cat-carrier storage site.

Boo-yeah! That is closet space, baby! I know juuuuuuust what to do with it. This is one space I don't need advice on arranging.

And look, a staircase! I haven't even started thinking about planning pictures and decorating plans for this space.

But not all is perfect at the new Chez Cog. The landlord pointed out that when the builders installed the vinyl flooring, the notes they made on the back side bled through:

Ah well. So I guess I need some suggestions for things to cover some arrows --- teeny area rugs, maybe? --- as well as any ideas about interesting decorating schemes.


Flavia said...

Depending on how friendly your interactions with your landlord have been, you could always ask him if it's okay if you paint--if you stress that you will repaint everything white before you leave, and especially if you paint in pale colors, he might be okay with it. Generally they repaint anyway, before each new tenant, so he might not even ask you to repaint yourself.

I was convinced my lease didn't have a clause about not painting, so I painted the three main rooms of my apartment. And later found that there was such a clause. But my landlord (who comes over periodically to fix things) never said Word One about it.

(And since the colors I've used are relatively light, and since I'll have been there for at least 5 years, I'll probably not bother to repaint. If I lose the deposit, I lose the deposit. It averages out well over those years and it's been worth it to have a pretty space!)

In any case, enjoy!

Bardiac said...

Rather than painting (because repainting is a pain when you're busy getting ready to move), how about a rug, brightly colored towels, and a shower curtain. I have two neutrally painted bathrooms, totally different because one has black and red stuff and one has purple (what others call "eggplant").

(Full disclosure: I have a small rental unit, and am currently unhappy with the previous tenants for painting the bathroom a butt-ugly color without permission, and then having them comment that they didn't charge me for painting and should have.)

Anonymous said...

Another idea for white walls if you can't paint is hanging fabric. Find a color/pattern you like and either put it on a frame and hang or make a curtain and hang on the wall. Instant color and style!

Belle said...

Portability! Textiles/fabric on rods for walls. Take those lovely graphics and recreate them on paper/canvas and hang 'em in your bathroom. Color w/accessories. Get some cheap multicolored throw rugs for those arrows - that are easy to wash and you won't have to save to replace them. I use them all the time in high traffic areas - the cats like 'em, they wash easily and when they are too far gone, I use 'em as cat beds. You can then pick out colors you like for the accessories and be confident that the throw rugs will complement.

heu mihi said...

I say that you should go with a red arrow theme. Solves ALL problems, doesn't it? Just cut some arrows out of red construction paper, tape them on the walls, and let the linoleum marks blend in!

More seriously--congratulations on the big, clean apartment, and I like the ideas above.

Dr. Koshary said...

I'm flattered just to be referenced in the post!