Thursday, September 30, 2010

Moot Point

I guess I don't need to plan something for the day-I-pick-up-essays-and-start-a-new-unit day, because the school has canceled classes that day for ... Homecoming?

Deh----? droo---? blarfleeb----? Er---?*

*My phonetic rendering of me spluttering into speechlessness.

They've only canceled classes that could interfere with the celebration and game, but as long as I have the same classes and might as well be consistent, I canceled everything. After the astonishment, I'm mostly pissed that this wasn't listed in the master schedule of school holidays. I guess I'm technically not allowed to cancel the classes since I am supposed to bring them over to the festivities (holding hands? two by two? like children?) and make sure they stay for the whole thing. Go ... team?

Baffled. I. Am. Sooooo. Confused.


Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. Lovely.

Bardiac said...

Oh... I think you did an excellent job rendering your spluttering.

Shall we file this under "education: fail!"?

Horace said...

We often cancel classes when we've got a football game on Thursday night on ESPN. In fact, the whole town kind of shuts down for that.

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

At warm-and-fuzzy school, we were supposed to cancel class for some school-wide event like ... I don't know... convocation. Something like that. (This was my second year there, but I hadn't had the conflict in the previous year because I taught on different days.) I asked my students if anyone was going to go. They said no, that they were going to skip it. I said, "if you want to come to class and chat about extra stuff, we can meet. But it's not required." All but 2 out of 11 students came to class. All we did was have a deeper conversation on what we already had talked about, so the two people who missed it didn't miss what I considered "new" material. My attitude was, "what are they going to do? Fire me?" They didn't. I just got told not to do it again. The only reason anyone knew about it was because other people (faculty!) were around the building -- also skipping convocation -- and someone told the chair of the department on me. Whatever.

But canceling class for a sporting event? Come on...

Dr. Koshary said...

Oh please, Sis, what are you complaining about? High schools do this all the time for Homecoming?

...Oh, wait. Yeah.

Well, more time for cocktails, anyway!

English Adjunct said...

That is...insane. I did my undergrad at a football-crazed school and I have never heard of such a thing!