Saturday, December 11, 2010

Has everyone heard back about MLA things already?

Haven't heard a thing from any of the jobs I managed to apply for. Some affirmative action forms, yes, but no writing sample requests and no calls for MLA interviews. And the wiki, and reports from the grad students I know, seem to indicate that this week was the week for interview calls.

Sigh. One of the other postdocs asked me the other day if I had thought about what would happen if we didn't get anything this year or next year in the postdoc? I said I hadn't, because having the option of extending the postdoc for a second year was supposed to give us peace of mind to carry on, and hey, maybe they would extend the postdoc longer if we didn't get jobs. But she said no, she has already talked to the chair about that and this is not possible, with the way the postdoc was created. Sigh.

Doesn't anyone want a small cat hiding behind poststructuralist theory? I'm quite well-trained. I can even teach Fruit Studies!

Ok, I guess I'll go back to grading enormous piles of rhetorical analysis papers. That'll cheer me up! Eh, not even the typo "ethos, pathos, and legos" got me to crack a smile. Though it did give me some ideas for children's educational toys. Hmm, maybe I should go be a toy entrepreneur instead.


Fie upon this quiet life! said...

There are five jobs I applied for that I'm still waiting to hear news about on the wiki. I think this coming week might be when interviews are scheduled, although one of the jobs has a closing date of Dec. 20. So maybe not for that one. In fact, that one was only posted yesterday, the 10th, so they're only taking applications for 10 days. Maybe that's smart, considering it's an east coast school that will probably be inundated with applications. But hey, they Googled me after receiving my application and visited my professional site. Something to hope for!

I think this year is a little screwy with MLA since they moved it back. The timing is hard to figure out. Anyway, there are two more jobs I need to apply for with January and February due dates. Maybe there will be more in the spring. There hasn't been a lot that I'm qualified for in Shakespeare this year. But hey, Harvard's hiring... blerg.

Also, not sure if you saw it or not, but Stanford is looking for rhet/comp lecturers. It pays pretty well -- between 55-60K. Not much for the bay area, but still nothing to sniff at.

Calypso said...

The wiki is silent about two of the jobs I applied for, so I'm still hoping. Good luck, Sisyphus!

Dr. Virago said...

I can tell you that our Provost *just* gave final approval to our literature/creative writing job *yesterday* so the committee is just now frantically requesting writing samples and won't be able to call the MLA interviewees until late next week at the earliest. And my colleague who's the chair of the committee said he was on the JIL yesterday and saw jobs that had just been announced (as Fie... notes) -- probably because they're in the same budget hell as every place else. The administrators like to see us squirm.

So hang in there! It's all weird this year.

Tree of Knowledge said...

We're asking for two new positions in our department and the dean hasn't even forwarded them to the VP for approval yet. I don't know what his problem is, but there is still hope.

ntbw said...

We're hiring, and our search committee won't meet until Thursday of this week (yes, you read that right--Thursday coming up) to select the MLA interview list. We got a late start due to late funding approval, and we're taking as much advantage as possible of the extra days with the later MLA. I think there are a good many places following similar patterns, given what my colleagues at other schools that are hiring have said.