Friday, December 31, 2010

More hair thought

Ok, you all are giving hair advice that I already know won't work. When I say my hair is wavy, I mean it takes an hour or so with a hairdryer and flatiron to get it reasonably straight, unlike crazy's hair, which I remember as being very thin and straight naturally. Mine is very thick and almost "textured" --- when it was longer, one stylist I had would call in a different stylist to blow dry it always and he mentioned that he used to live in North Africa and if he could blow out North African women's hair, mine was no problem. My most recent hairstylist in Postdoc City would always take one of those special thinning shears through the whole cut to make it thin enough to comb. Naturally my hair never looks like it does when it comes home from the salon because I don't have the patience to blow it dry, then flatiron it, then blow it dry again. I am lazy.

Ok, pretend for a minute I actually look this smokin' hot; this is what my hair does if I scrunch in some curling paste from Aveda, scrunch it, and shake my head to let it air dry:
I actually had this haircut back in the 90s; I remember it took touching up with a curling iron to get actual spiral curls instead of waves.

For a while I had a version of this cut (again, it takes some straightening and then a curling iron to get it to flip a bit at the back, but my hair in general likes to do this thing), but since no one was filming me with a fisheye lens while I did cute things, it didn't seem quite to fit.

Actually, my most recent cut has been a shorter, more angled version of this --- although, alas, not this awesome color. (I wish I was settled in a job and could go back to my manic panic! I looked surprisingly good in teal. Although that was its own level of work.)
Anyway, I was thinking that maybe I've done the angled thing enough? That cut doesn't really look like anything in particular when I just scrunch-and-airdry, anyway, and I've been too busy and beat down to go at my hair in the mornings.
So ... angle the other way to be short in front and longer behind? Ugh, that sounds suspciously like a mullet. Go shorter? I'm worried that without the weight pulling it down it will be curling out in weird ways.


Anonymous said...

You and I have similar curl challenges... mine is a little odd, since post-chemo I have a thin bit in front and a ton of hair in the back.

I'm staying with a little longer in front, wedge thing in the back -- and using mousse when my hair is really wet to make it scrunch and curl instead of fuzz / be one big curl.. I find a mousse that says to apply it to wet hair, then I scrunch /blot small sections with a towel until it isn't dripping anymore... After that, all I need to do is not to touch it until it's dry...

Anonymous said...

do NOT angle the other way. It sounds like a mullet because it is. NO!

Dr. Rural said...

That first picture, the one that you say your hair wants to do naturally? That looks like a great cut.

I also am lazy when it comes to hair, so any cut that "would look so cute, if only I did x, y, and z every morning" is automatically ruled out.