Sunday, March 6, 2011

Somewhere a body in motion is staying in motion, but this body at rest is staying at rest

Dude, why am I so tiiiiiiiiired? I have had no energy or motivation all weekend! I did do yoga yesterday morning, but then was completely incapable of even contemplating it this morning. Going out drinking with the postdocs may have had a tiny bit to do with that, but since I only had one beer I'm unwilling to admit that it had much of any effect.

I started reading How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accents. And I took a nap. And I putzed around on the internetz for a very long while. If I make further progress on the novel I will let you know how it is, but right now I am having the craving to play random computer games late into the night. I blame my geeky programmer brother.

Oh, and I cleaned the living room and organized the enormous messy piles on my kitchen table. Slightly. Really, they need to be either a) dealt with, or b) put away somewhere and in the case of one pile, c) found a permanent home for. That would be all the material for the research article, which needs to be "out" enough that I see it and am reminded that hey, I should be working on it, but yet not actually left out with the piles of course prep. My cats tend to scatter everything to the winds when they are romping about downstairs. I haven't sorted through anything or put anything away but they are now back in "stack" form according to class. And I put the nice heavy anthologies on top of the piles as cat protectors. *grin.*

Oh, and I applied to one job. Meh. I had to re-write last year's comp-4-4 letter, since I am now at a new place and doing new and different comp-4-4 stuff. I may need a different version for those community college job apps coming up soon, in which case I might not actually get around to applying for those, considering how low-energy I feel. Especially since a lot are due this week and require lots of supplemental crap. But I have an updated letter! So if places start posting more generalist 4-4 openings I could totally send them stuff, as long as they don't ask for annoying additional material, ahem! If I find the energy to write two pages of prose I want it to be on my article and not on Silly Job Things.

Yup. Tired. Kinda bored. Unwilling to do anything at all. Can't find good procrastination material on the internetz. That's my life. How's yours?

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