Friday, April 1, 2011

Be my shopping posse

because I don't have anybody here for a shopping trip, and besides, I've been doing my shopping on line lately.

I have done absolutely nothing today, feeling like crap, and resting up. But I had a package come today, and I finally got up the energy to try on the stuff I ordered. But I am unsure about everything. Give me advice.

Ok, remember how I was complaining about only having solid-colored stuff and black skirts and I wanted more dresses? I tried looking for cute bright-colored or patterned dresses, and finally decided on trying this:

(that's ruching on the side, btw, not the dress pulling.) It's really comfy, but should I go up a size? Both the dresses are very clingy and emphasize my big belly a bit too much. On the other hand, when I lean over and do that Marilyn-Monroe-type pose, I get great curves:

And I like the nice happy pattern, with the extra flower pattern up near the neckline. But, then I'm not so happy about the side view:

And worse, that is a seam on the dress going across my butt, not a panty line! I can do nothing about it!

Funky twisting to get a butt shot here, complete with inquisitive cat to help out.

Now this dress is such a fun, cute little color, and I love the pleaty neckline with the cap sleeves, but:

Look at how much it emphasizes my fat belly. Seriously, I look preggers. (I usually look preggers, because of the way I gain weight, but I try to dress around that) Should I try going up a size, or just give it up with this dress?

More funky twisting for a butt shot, but I'm not sure how much of those lines are from twisting, or the waist stitching, or what.

And it has a vertical seam that emphasizes my belly line! And and it has a zippered pocket ---- which might be a good thing ---- but lined with black fabric that kinda shows through, which is a bad thing!

Sigh. Should I just send this one back? Boo hoo.

It has this cute keyhole on the back. Which means that when I tried to put a cardigan over it to conceal the huge belly I have, it kinda wiped out everything cute about the dress, like the back, the cap sleeves, and the neck pleating.


I also got some tops and discovered that they were all too similar to each other. I love the purple one with embroidery, even though it smells kind of funny right now, but it was interesting and flattering and comfy.

The other two were bright orange and bright blue (tolja I love bright colors!) with a ruched split-neck top (you can see them all on but they were too similar to this neckline, and they were more fitted at the waist, whereas this purple one made me look like I had hardly any belly-pooch.

The only thing if I keep the first dress and this top is that they are really a bit too cleavage-y to wear to teach. Maybe I'll have to get these from the tv infomercial? Heh heh.


Anonymous said...

The purple top is great. Keep it! Get another one in a different color too.

The reddish dress is dreadful. It looks like it was just cut wrong for anybody who has a figure. It looks about right for someone with smallish breasts and straight up and down bones after that.

The first dress is ok, but yes, maybe a size up and if you're not going to use it for teaching because of the cleavage (which you can only get away with in some geographic regions or majors) then what are you going to wear it for? Besides, given how great you look in the pants and the purple top, I don't think I'd go for the first dress either-- you can do better.

Anonymous said...

I think the red dress is unflattering but I agree it would probably not flatter most people. I like the blue dress just fine. I might go up a size if wearing for teaching, as nicole and maggie said. The pants outfit is super cute and flattering.

Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

Love the purple top. I think you look great in the blue dress but it doesn't look like a teaching outfit. The red dress is not flattering - and I agree with the others that it wouldn't look good on most people.

anthea said...

I really like the purple top. The blue dress is pretty but perhaps another size up. Avoid the red dress - I don't think that it would suit anyone to be honest.

Susan said...

Love the purple top. The blue dress -- probably up a size and with a cami it is possibly teaching appropriate. I love the color, but that's just because it's my color.

ntbw said...

Love the purple top. I'm not crazy about either dress, but probably in part that's because I generally don't like dresses. I really prefer skirts or pants with tops and jackets.

The blue dress is far better than the orangey one, though. I'd send the orange one straight back and spend the money on some more tops like the purple one. I don't even think my 15 year old niece, who is skinny as a rail and has almost no boobs, could pull off that orangey dress, and heaven knows I couldn't, what with a tummy that's been through two pregnancies. Even though I weigh the same as before I was ever pregnant, things still just aren't the same in the tummy area!