Friday, April 22, 2011

LISTS!!!!!!! OMG I love lists!

So Profgrrl has a list of lists over at her blog, basically her pre-planning for the summer. I love making lists! I love the sense of order and control and procrastination! Yum.

She wouldn't mind if I stole her list of lists, would she? I will annotate it, if that helps. Someone's gonna bust me for plagiarism, I just know it.

Mmmm. Lists. I will make a list of:

1. books I want to read this summer

I should make this list. Hmm, however, there is a huge stack of magazines on the coffee table and 6 novels. Basically, my list should just be "read everything that is on the coffee table." But where is the fun in that? I may make an imaginary summer book-reading list, imaginary in that I will probably not get to them at all this summer since I have so many already purchased and not finished books right here by the couch. But still!!!! Book lists! Yum! Got any suggestions?

2. manuscripts I want to submit this summer

Hmm, this is another one that is much more fun as fantasy than as my actual list, which at most has two articles and the book manuscript --- barely long enough to be a list. And then there's the feasibility of "to submit" --- shouldn't it be "manuscripts I want to work on this summer?" OTOH, I like the definitive, declarative stamp Profgrrl puts on this list ---- it's a firm goal. I don't really know what my goals are for the summer --- I have a conference and a summer class and really how much is it complete insanity overachieving thinking to assume I could get any of these finished and submitted on top of that? Hmm.

2.b. things to prep for the conference trip

This is my addition --- I need to line up a catsitter and make travel itineraries and pack and all that jazz. Oh, and write the conference paper. Yeah, I should get on that. I will first procrastinate by planning everything about the conference in list form.

3. other writing tasks I must complete this summer

Hmm. I don't think I even have this. Clearly Profgrrl is a whirlwind of research productivity in comparison to me. Unless I call the summer class my "other writing task." However, I am not allowed to even think about it until grades are submitted, because it does not start immediately and I would procrastinate my grading even more than I already am!

4. review tasks I must complete this summer

Sigh. I feel like such a lazy slob.

5. all research in progress (because I need an updated tracking sheet)

Yeah, see above. I don't have enough research projects to really need to track them. Although I did print out and color-coordinate a potential summer schedule, like I did the other summer. But that was more about getting to use the fancy colored pens.

6. summer fitness goals

This!!! I totally need to figure out this, because I need to get in cardio in some form and plan a schedule for hitting it regularly. Will make plans!!!

7. household projects to tackle this summer

I don't know if I can put "decorating" on my household project list, because of money constraints, but I do have a big pile of mending/alterations to do. So I should make a list about that.

8. annoying tasks I need to take care of

I think all of mine can come under the heading of "annoying students." And clean out/file my teaching piles. Which actually should be under number 7. Ooh, doctor/dentist visits! I do have something to put on this list.

9. people I am somehow coordinating this summer

9. travel plans

This is a form of coordinating people. First up is to contact my dad and see if he is still willing to pay for a flight out to CA. Then I fit people and places into a mosaic of the summer schedule, stuffing exercise and writing in wherever I can.

Ooh, this is so fun! I am off to actually make some lists now.

You know, it just occurred to me that if everybody else procrastinates with these lists, it would be a meme and not me stealing posts off of somebody else's blog. Wanna join in?

Oooh, and I'm taking book recommendations! Or list-making recommendations!


Dame Eleanor Hull said...

Social scientists are different from you and me. But I love your annotations, and I may take you up on the meme suggestion, after I do a couple of things from my current lists.

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

Sorry, but I can't resist responding to my own comment, though I really should leave the straight line for someone else:

Yes, they have more manuscripts.

Anonymous said...

I have a list of goals on our blog; does that count? I also have a huge list of researchy stuff on the wall of my office that really needs updating. That should be a project. If you want book suggestions, we can hook you up there, too, depending on what type of book you want. Oh man, right now my list of projects around the house is staring at me...

JaneB said...

What a good excuse to make a list instead of working! I had a go...