Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Can't. Get. Derailed.

Ok, what have I been doing? What have I been doing?

Today was dr. day and I did a checkup and a women's exam and got my blood drawn and looked at for this required health prevention thing, and that ate up my whole day. First, I had to fast for the bloodwork, and then they didn't do the blood draw until after all the appts and waiting around in the lab room, which means I fasted from 10 pm to 3 pm the next day. And then I stuffed my face immediately with the worst possible fast food meal --- ironic that they make you fast for cholesterol and diabetes tests, no? I was so hungry I was dreaming of double bacon cheeseburgers while in the waiting room --- and then of course collapsed afterward for a food-coma nap.

I managed to go through a pile of library books and return them this morning, but couldn't concentrate on writing pre-dr's appts. But the good news is that the appointments went well! Doctor's visits are usually anxiety-producing for me, but these were fine. And I have finally found out the right way to describe my teeny, hard-to-find veins, so that this time it hardly hurt at all, and I didn't have to suffer through three or four different vein punctures! Ugh. So glad that's over.

I am also undercaffeinated from the fasting and trying to not drink a soda later in the day (I've been having sleeping problems but don't know why) and trying to figure out if I should do a drastic caffeine reduction period (like a cleanse, but caffeine wise).

To make a long story short, I did not work on the article today, and yesterday I was doing packing and trip planning stuff, and I have not started my online class prep. Argh! I need to keep up my momentum, and not be distracted by this other stuff! I can just see myself not working on the hard part of revising because I haven't looked at the article recently. Hmm. Ok.

Thus, I am making a list and a plan! Right now! Tomorrow I will get up and do my yoga bright and early, and make myself some coffee, and,

  • incorporate Difficult Book into the article
  • incorporate last of the important books into the article (I think I'm down to two?)
  • start condensing and really kneading the various critics into the article (I just cut and pasted them directly in with no regard for making them footnotes or transitions or anything)
Ok, I can deal with a three-item to do list. I might not be able to finish all three of them tomorrow --- I have to do justice to the first text while still claiming my argument is different and valuable, which is why I am calling it difficult.


In other news, I totally can't go outside without someone pushing me to overcome my inertia (inertia and momentum --- the theme of the day!). The day someone pointed out to me it was the first day of summer, I got four mosquito bites on the way to my car. Since then I got totally eaten up while out at my friend the postdoc's place, and just haven't been able to bring myself to go sit outside on my little deck. I'd rather sit in here with the airconditioning than slap bug spray all over myself in order to sit outside. Sigh. I don't hate this state, but I kinda hate this state.

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Anonymous said...

Mosquitos suck!

My partner does a caffeine cleanse every once and a while. It causes headaches for about two days.

I feel for you on the tiny veins and the diabetes tests.