Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Day for Exclamation Points!

Yes!!!!!! I am awesome!!!! One hundred percent pure organic free range awesomeness. I felt so full of energy when I woke up. (at 7!!!) I did 40 minutes of yoga and then took a walk! Whoo-hoo! I can feel all the muscles of my legs and butt --- not in a painful way, but like they're saying "Hey baby! Hells yeah we exist! We are right. here. Oooooh yeah!"

Then I wrote on my article, Floyd, for 40 minutes, and after I took a shower I scrubbed up the whole bathroom and did a bunch of cleaning! And then had lunch! ...aaaaaaaand I have a feeling that my energy might slack about now. Which is fine; I've done a good day's work already. I'll go type in booknotes from this book or the biography I've been reading for Floyd now. And may possibly go get groceries later.

It's just so nice to wake up and have a lot of energy after dragging along by so much the past week, especially when it was a day you didn't plan on being particularly productive. You know what? I had counted stuff and thought I might be able to finish this subsection by Monday, and if I keep working hard, by the end of Monday, I just might!


Anonymous said...

Love days like that. High five.

Flavia said...

Whoa. I might have to take a nap, so exhausted am I from just reading about all your energy & activity.

It's summer, dude! Don't wear me out like this!

Lucky Jane said...

Au contraire, Flavia. It was exhilarating just to read this post.

Sisyphus said...

Dude, Flavia Flave, you are so right. You should see how I move today!

Getting out of bed was hard physical work this morning.

Anonymous said...

Color me impressed!

(word verification: etingle. haha.)