Wednesday, June 1, 2011

If it's not one thing, it's another

You know, I'm basically only running the AC at night. It's fine in here now --- the thermostat says its 75 and it feels perfectly ok --- and I'll just deal with the hot upstairs by not going up there. The fact that the sofa is directly in front of the window (which the cats ate the blinds for) is something I'll still have to think about, though.

No, this time I couldn't sleep because of cramps, argh. After tossing and turning while my inner organs played the equivalent of techno music in my midsection (thump-a, thump-a thump-a), I finally gave up and tried to hunt down some sort of medicine. And took the very last of my Midol, which was the daytime, caffeinated version. Sigh. And definitely no yoga for me, since I feel tired and achy and crampy.

So, yeah, didn't get much done today. I re-typed a handwritten paragraph that I wrote yesterday, and then decided that, since I felt like crap, I should just do a bunch of other crappy things. So I flea-treated the cats and made all sorts of calls about my health insurance and made dr's and haircut appointments. I hate phones. And am I done with all those annoying things on my list? No, of course not, because those are the types of things that it just isn't possible to finish off in one go-round. There was a long digression where I had to go to a bunch of websites and call various people to figure out what my health insurance policy number was and why I have two different cards with different numbers. (The answer? I don't know. But I do know which is the real number, and now I can give it out when making dr's appointments, so problem resolved.)

I also got more books from the library and did some stupid campus errands, which are not all finished either. And started compiling a to-do list to prep for when I go back to visit California (yay!) for July. If I'm not careful, though, I will pack everything immediately and then suffer because I'm not leaving for an entire month. Heh.

And, I also got ice cream. It can't be helped. I grabbed blueberries on a whim while at the grocery store last, which is silly, since I don't really like straight-up blueberries. But they are very good on some vanilla ice cream and I will just pretend that the antioxidants counteract all of the fat and calories of the ice cream. Mmmm. I may need a second helping.

Tomorrow, yeah, that's it. Tomorrow will be the magic day when I both want to write a lot and make tremendous progress. Yes, tomorrow will be the day. Oops, when did I schedule the haircut appointment? Ah, crap.


Anonymous said...

"Later: The best time to do anything." --US Acres.

Preach it!

Bardiac said...

I'm sorry about the cramps. Dog, I hate cramps. I would get crampy and feel semi-crappy 3-4 days a month. That's like 10% of my life from the age of 12.

And then I went on the pill, and life got better. I hope you can get rid of yours more quickly and easily!

Anonymous said...

I love that you bought the ice cream to make the blueberries more palatable.

Sorry about the cramps. I've always wondered why science, with all its advances, hasn't solved that issue yet.

Anonymous said...

Um, that was me above. Trying out a new place. Which didn't work out. Oh well.