Monday, September 12, 2011

I made you a Another Damned Notiorious Writing Group Sticker, but I eated it.

Since I joined the writing group hosted by Notorious, PhD and Another Damned Medievalist, and since I was doing fine with revising while eating dinner until I decided to drink the last of the wine I used on the lentil sauce, I made you a sticker.

If you are doing the writing group this fall, you can put it on your blog! Or you can design a better one, as I don't vouch for my visual-design skills. (I made it in Word and it wouldn't let me play with the leading, for one thing.)

Now I don't know what to do, as I really can't concentrate on revising or grading after a glass of wine. And boy, do I have lots of grading! There's nothing like a pile of in-class essays to make revising your article seem really enticing. I'm buried already and it is only, what, week 3? Fun fun.

I feel like I should incorporate LOLcats into my ANDWG sticker. I think I have exhausted my store of patience for fiddling about with image and font programs for the day, though.

True, true! Though really, if I had the energy, I'd re-do this pic to read WRITING R HARD. Because it so is. Even with wine.

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Earnest English said...

I love that last one. If you play with it and post it, I will borrow it. =)