Monday, September 26, 2011

You need some cats.

So here you go:

You also need a big pile of grading to do, I can feel it. I'll trade you the privilege of kitty head-scritches for essay grading. You can see Loquito there hiding behind the pitcher meowing for more food and willing to chew up papers to get my attention. He'll handle some, but you'll need to pick up the leftovers. Plenty to go around. Scritch, scritch.


Dame Eleanor Hull said...

O hai! we allredy haz cats. n grading. we iz shred paypers 4 mom.

k, baysment Cat is shredder. odder cats jist sleepz on dem. cant grade payper under cat.

Bryan said...

I think my wife and I have the same couch as you, with the red and gold pillows. have stolen our couch!

Sisyphus said...

Does yours have the same little rip on one side? I got it at a little discount because of that, but it annoys me whenever I look at it.

Dr. Koshary said...

You want me to take on your grading in return for the privilege of being sent into anaphylactic shock by your animals?

My own grading is plenty to deal with.

Ryan Claycomb said...

I did need some catz. Mine has been very unphotogenic lately.

Grading, I have of my own.

Dark Serenity said...

I did indeed need some cats, thanks! Don't cats always make everything better? They're like concentrated kitty antidepressants.