Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chicago Freakin' Style!?!?!?!?!?!?!


It is week 8 (seriously? already?) of Another Damned Notorious Writing Group and I have been tootling around my article instead of working on job apps or grading essays. It's really getting there, if you look at it from one direction; if you look at it from another direction, there's a long long way still to go. This is what I hate about writing ---- how do you know when you are done? When can you cross off a writing task from your day's to-do list?

Anyway, I need to get this article movin' along. I need faster progress than I have been doing. But I'm not going to be able to do the tough parts of revising late at night when I am so tired I can't see straight, so I am making a big list of stupid little fixes I need to make and I will work on those in the evenings.

I have a journal all picked out that I really really want to get published in even though I find them snooty and I hate them. Oh, and they have rejected my articles before. And were obnoxious. And yet their articles are delicious tasty mental snacks and I want to be listed alongside those big name snooty-mac-snoots. So one of my little mindless tasks is to find their submission guidelines and suggested article length and make a list of biblio stuff to finish.

I had forgotten these idiots use Chicago Style. Oh fuck me.

Do you know how many freakin' parenthetical citations are in this damn thing??? This is gonna be a mess.


anthea said...

Oh no not Chicago Style. I loathe it, loathe it. I had to deal with it for an article that got published a few months ago. You can get the article finished...hang in there, eat some more chocolate and treat yourself to a drink when you get a chunk of that citations stuff done. Ahhh...I just loathed that process.

Jon Rubin said...

If you don't know it, I'd recommend checking out Zotero It's the best citation manager out there. Plus it's free, maintained by academics, for academics and works as an add-on for Firefox. Best bit of free software out there. It takes away all the pain of citations and allows you to automagically switch citation styles

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

You know you're done for the day and can cross an item off your list when it's a clear portion of the whole: write 500 words, or spend 30 minutes tinkering with citations.

Sapience said...

Ditto John Rubin's comment on zotero. Start using it. It'll take some work to get it set up, but if you're already having to set up the citations anyway, probably not as long as you think.