Sunday, October 9, 2011

Window Shopping

It's that time of year again where I am too tired to work until all hours and there is nothing on tv! You know what that means ... I am trawling the internet shopping sites and going ooh and ahh.

Let me note that I have been pretty good about not buying things this fall, and I hope to continue. Hence the "window shopping" of online browsing.

Boden sends me catalogs, since I bought some stuff last fall, and when I first flipped through it, I was not impressed. However, it must have grown on me, since now I want many many things from them:

I stocked up on brightly colored and brightly patterned dresses over the spring and summer, and now I do not stare at them droolingly (for the most part) on websites. I seem to have moved on to funky patterned skirts.

 Or colored skirts. I have quite a collection of black and brown skirts in many shapes and styles, and now it seems I want craziness covering my ass instead of blah neutrals. Though I don't know that I can do the long straight pencil skirts like these --- they tend to be very stiff and not working well with my various curves and bumps.

And while these are so cute (look at the swirly hem patterns especially!) I wonder if I would have to ruin or re-make them when hemming them to a length that didn't swallow up my short little legs.

Also, I bought a bunch of "interesting" tops and/or cardigans with patterns and adding patterned skirts as well would make matching up outfits just that more complex. I am not brave enough to venture into pattern mixing. 

Hmm, I liked these when I pulled them and now I am not loving them. Good thing I am just "buying" them by putting them on my blog and not actually going real shopping.

There were also some nifty looking coats, if you are looking for coats. I am not, because I just bought those two coats in December and don't want to spark some hitherto-unknown Coat Addiction. In fact, maybe I should just close up my browser now.

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