Saturday, December 10, 2011

Grading Marathon

All the shit I have been putting off and picking away at bit by bit just got real, yo.

I got a good chunk of grading done this morning, got a haircut, and then had a long nap and bout of internet procrastination. Oops. But just now I have gotten another five essays done, but I want to do the last ten so that I finish off one comp section today and do the other one tomorrow. Their in-class finals are next week.


I also want to grade their peer reviews and finalize all their attendance/participation grades tonight too. A loooong haul. And this is only for two out of the *five* classes. I have plenty of backlog on the others. The good news is we finally found the gradebook for the deceased professor's classes, so I know what they did on their midterms and such.

Ok, I will grade and then procrastinate from grading by grading other things! Whoo-hoo. I will come back here for an update and possibly to watch silly cat videos as a break, so leave encouraging comments and interesting links.


Dame Eleanor Hull said...

I'm grading tonight, too, if that's any consolation. Can't procrastinate any longer, though I did my best for a long time.

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

Is that you on the Chron fora talking about fainting couches? Get back to work! I have to grade with a cold, so you have to keep me company.

Sisyphus said...


I graded the PRs this morning and caught up on the first set of essays.

I have 10 essays left of class 2, and I am at a coffeeplace, with coffee.

I am back to doing my work, I swear!

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

I wish I felt well enough to go out. Enjoy the coffee place. These translations are ghastly. It's not the trouble with Middle English that I mind, but the trouble with present-day English.