Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Inching through the grading

Ok, fine. I am making up for all the posts I didn't have time for in the past month or two, all this week. It's not really procrastination --- it's more that these papers are bad enough I need to have *something* different to do as a reward every few papers. Think small! Baby steps! Keep going!!! Argh!

I need to grade these 3 essays on topic 4
Then I need to grade 5 essays on topic 5
Then I need to go back through the whole pile and norm and assign grades.

Then I can move on to the pre-final stuff I accumulated for Fruit Studies, hooray!

And tomorrow I have two finals and Thursday two more, so there will be more grading. Oh joy.

Back in a few, I'm sure.

1 comment:

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

You can grade during the finals! What's better than exams plus grading?

I so hear you on needing a break to take the taste away.