Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bullets of ?????

  • I was packing up and leaving my class the other day and saw a sheet of paper left behind. Was it one of my students' essays? I went over and looked and saw it was a composition prompt. All I managed to see before turning away in disgust was: "What is your research question. What audience do you intend to reach." Seriously? Question marks are no longer allowed? I am highly annoyed that people are not modeling actual proper punctuation in their composition handouts --- or maybe they just are terrible writers/editors themselves. Bleah! 
  • Why did I have a terrible night of sleep last night? (punctuation optional.) I don't remember waking up a lot, and I went to bed early, but I was so tired and lethargic when I got up this morning that I skipped my workout and sat around working in my pajamas. (why does that look spelled wrong?)
  • What did I work on this morning, you ask? I wrote a syllabus. For yet another job application. (So, I've only completed one app today.) And I can't get on to my email to send this app, because they have been working on my school computer and when they updated it, they reset my passwords. Of course, they did not warn me that this would be happening when they replaced the computer, those fuckers, so I tried so many times to access my email that it has been locked for the next 24 hours. Seriously? Fuck you! I cannot believe the inanity of this place.
  • I haven't gotten much at all done today, actually. I finally figured out my comp lesson plan but still need to finish re-adapting my stripey class plan (I haven't really changed the syllabus, but going back and forth between T/TH and MWF is making things messy). I still haven't done the other things on my to-do list or grading, either. And I need to put on clothes and wash my face (and hair?) so that I can go out and get more cokes and ingredients for tonight's dinner.
  • Speaking of, I'm going to make (vegan) red beans and rice. And I bought mustard greens in a fit of experimentalness. This should be interesting. Is there any special way I should cook mustard greens? 
  • And this week I get assignments from two classes --- then, I get one class assignment every week from now til finals. And that's not counting homework. I hope this pace will be a doable pace, but I am not at all sanguine about it.
  • And I still don't know what I am doing with my life. What am I doing with my life? Please, tell me. I still haven't even decided if I'm going to stick around here another year or go move back in with family. Ugh. Now I really want to avoid thinking about the whole situation by sleeping. Must keep awake! Must work!

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Bardiac said...

bullets of frustration, it sounds like. :(

Wishing you better things to come, and soon!