Sunday, March 18, 2012


I haven't procrastinated with shoes for a while. Nor have I bought anything lately.

I feel like I should add new and different and weird colors to my wardrobe, particularly my shoes. So on honor of St. Patrick's day or something, I am looking at green.

Unfortunately, the shoes I really really want are 268 dollars. See the end of this post.

Before we get there, though, Seychelles and Miz Mooz have some cute designs this season ---- although I do not necessarily like the green ones best. These make really interesting curves across the foot --- I quite like them --- but I think I would take the brown ones over the green. Hmm. Dunno.

These just look cheerful and cool. I don't think I could handle a wedge/platform combo like this, but I want other people to wear them to my work so I can look at them and feel cheerful.

These are totally different. I liked them better on the page than uploaded here. Not really my style, but an interesting possibility nonetheless.
Also interesting, wearable, and green --- and yet, I'm not really feelin' 'em.

I love this color. The satin is probably too bridal-shoe-y though. I don't really dress formally/expensively enough to rock a satin shoe. Could totally see it though peeping out under expensive black dress pants and paired with some sort of dressy gray and black blazer. Not really working with my all-cotton, all-20-dollar Target wardrobe though.

Sigh. Why must you be so expensive, darling shoes? I love you even though you are nubuck/suede. Oh shoes, come live with me and be my love, and we shall all new fashions prove.


Dr. Koshary said...

I actually dig the first ones over the super-expensive ones.

Also, I can't encounter that Marlowe poem you repurposed without thinking of Ian McKellen. See here, starting at 2:08:

Sisyphus said...

I like the first ones too, but I think they work better in brown. Mmm. Still pondering.

And I love that film, love Ian McKellen's performance, love the jazz trombones, and love love love how well that long intro sets up all the characters and the sense of real people but also great power and wealth.

Plus I want to be Annette Benning in that gorgeous ice blue dress. :)

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

I just taught The Passionate Shepherd and The Nymph's Reply last week. Love those poems!

Eh... I'm not a fan of green shoes. Red? YES. Green? Nah.

Jodi A. Campbell said...

OOOHH! I love the last ones! They are super fun and lovely!

Where are the third ones from? They would look fantastic with a wrap dress I haven't worn yet for lack of the perfect shoe.

Sisyphus said...

Hmm ---- did you search the color green over at zappos? Because I'm pretty sure they aren't from modcloth or anthropologie.

Ooh wait, try Ruche! The poorwoman's anthropologie knockoff!

WTF have I done with my life? said...

Oh I want. I would wear all of them, but like the flats or the blue green combo best. Happy st pat's day indeed

Jodi A. Campbell said...

Oh no. You have created a monster! I've never heard of Ruche before and now I'm all over it!