Tuesday, March 6, 2012

To do list update

Yesterday was one of those slow and sluggish days. I tried reading but wasn't into it, I tried knitting but only made a mess of things instead, I skipped yoga ---- by the way, after such a great fall schedule where I was regularly doing yoga and could totally feel it in my limbs and could slowly see progress in my flexibility, I have totally fallen off my good habit and have hardly done exercise at all ... I can feel my knee starting to act up again ---- and only got a little bit of article work done.

But today, TODAY! was a red-letter day. And the letter was L for laundry. I have done laundry, a bit of rewriting the beginning of my article, and also cleaned the entire downstairs of my apartment. And not just cleaned, spring cleaned. Booyah!

Now, of course, I am tired and achy enough that I should have no problem getting to sleep tonight.

And I need to get back on my pile of job applications, grade a stack of homeworks and a stack of essays, and do all sorts of prep for the week back.

Crap. I was feeling so on top of things for a minute there.

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Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Good luck. The to-do lists never seem to get any more manageable around here either. :(