Saturday, March 31, 2012

Welcome new ammenities

We have a new ammenities center in our complex. I know it's petty of me, but it really got under my skin when the welcome to the ammenities center email went out. Not only is it misspelled there, but on the big billboard sign down by the dumpster and again on the amenities building itself. Sigh.

The nice thing, though, is that there is a washer dryer combo in there. Two of each, actually. So I had the fun of throwing stuff in the wash and then making a big pot of red beans. I'm going to make red beans and rice, with greens. Except maybe I'm going to have cornbread instead. This is all food I knew nothing about growing up. Actually, I still know nothing about it since I have only had the real versions once or twice and I am making vegetarian versions from my Deborah Madison cookbook.

Anyway, I got to throw laundry in the wash and then force myself to grade a few things (and still have more! argh!) while sitting on the new picnic bench and watching the clouds move in over the hills. Then I ate lunch and started cooking red beans, all the while my laundry was drying. This is nice. I usually use the laundromat over near school, so about 10 miles away, because it does not have a scary population and the washers and dryers work. This makes cleaning and whatnot while laundry-ing hard. Grading while laundry-ing is also hard because it is next door to my cute little rundown bar. And who grades while drinking and chatting with local weirdos who are playing darts? You'd miss all the entertainment.

Ok, update: laundry difficulties. One of the dryers never started, it seems like. Argh. I had to let the one load finish and then do the other in that first dryer, which kinda negates the time efficiency stuff. Is this the most boring post in the world? Well, it's not like the people I follow have been posting much in terms of exciting stuff lately. In fact, you could say there is a dearth of good blogging on the internet right now. What are people doing, their work??? Pffffft. Post something exciting, people.

Oh, the ammenities center. They have put in a half-court basketball and a teeny playground, and a small hole which they are calling a pool. It's nice, but not really anything I'll use. Inside the little building they built, which stinks of fresh paint and other newly-built stuff right now, is a sauna-type room that has been fixed up as a tanning bed room. Complete with a coin-operated timer. That is crazy. Even though I had to sign all sorts of permissions thingies to get my code, I can't imagine using an apartment tanning room complete with a locking door and coin-operated timer. That is just a recipe for disaster.

Round the corner from the scary sauna-tanning room is an alcove that has been stuffed with some free weights, a soloflex-type thing, and an elliptical. Too bad it doesn't have a bike or I might use it. I should probably use it anyway, get back into my exercising habits. In fact, I could even do a gym, tan, laundry ritual now. Heh. You'd think I was in Jersey.

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