Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gift wars

You might remember my previous post about students giving me things. Well, things have escalated. I had another student come into class a little late and chirp, "they have tons of free stuff over at the Student Wellness Fair!" "Awesome!" I say. "Will they still be open after class lets out?"

The booths will be, we are all informed, but the free five-minute massage tables are all booked up for the rest of the day. However, there are many informational pamphlets at the various booths, and "Here, I got this for you..."

 ...wait for it...

Bwahahahahaha! I love it. I almost made a salacious gesture of licking it but managed to stop myself in time. It's actually quite appropriate to our class discussion topics for the week.

Unfortunately, the student also gave me a card for the people from Bethany and said they would love to come give a presentation in the classroom. Sigh. I bet they would. I just said "hmm." and took the card. Also appropriate to the discussion topics. Luckily my lessons are all booked up for the rest of the semester!

(And this student came up looking very worried and asked if that was inappropriate to bring in the sucker and she hoped she hadn't offended me, and I said I thought it was great, don't be worried. Heh.)

Now, I think my other student could not let this stand, because the next class section he brought cookies! And I got a separate box all for myself:

Yum! Yes, there's only one left. The box had a bunch in it but I ate them all (almost) before thinking I should get out a camera. This was my dinner the other day, unfortunately. Remind me to get back on track with healthy eating and some exercise! Or, help me grade so that I'm not in crunch crazy mode til the end of the semester. Sigh.

So we all had cookies in class the other day. It was great. It's almost making me reconsider my statement that I'm not paid enough to provide food to my classes. But I have a *lot* of students, and not any disposable income these days.

I'm both looking forward to and worried about the next chapter of gift escalation. This could get out of hand. OTOH, it could get even more delicious.

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