Monday, April 23, 2012

Whose bright idea was it to bring back winter in April, anyway?

Stupid weather people! The heat is on in my house, people! And it is cold and windy and dark! I would say it was winter weather, but it's more like California winter weather, since when these people here have winter, they do the whole-nine-yards snow and shit. Crazy, I tell ya.

I don't know if I'm ready for the quarter to end because I am seriously behind in my grading and there is a lot to do and hand back before going into finals week. And I need to make two of the three finals. And I am about to get all the final papers/research projects/other big assignments at the end of this week before finals even start. Say it with me everybody: Aaaaaaaaaaah!

I should really be grading, but I want a nap. You'd think that this semester would be better than the crazy-overload-death-in-the-department drama of last semester, but stuff has come up that has totally eaten up all my time for the past few weeks. I am so tired.

The only possible upside about being so buried in grading that I can't see is that I can avoid worrying about the summer. Seriously, people, what am I doing this summer? Or the rest of my life? Am I packing and moving, publishing, traveling, taking a side job for the money, what? I have no clue!!!! My dad has been nagging me like you wouldn't believe because he wants to know right now what my plans are and when I am visiting the family. I don't know! Leave me alone and let me get the rest of my crap planned out first! It's not like you'd have to drop everything to fit me in your schedule; I can just show up whenever!

In other news blogging is dead or possibly just needs a makeover to bring some magic back in the blogroom, but I am too damn busy and overwhelmed to ponder this or anything else people have written lately. I hope to shovel out from under all this crap and do more interesting things on the internet soon. Wanna help? Here, take this stack and this glittery purple pen. If that's not to your liking, I may have some snow for you to shovel here in a minute or two.

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