Saturday, July 28, 2012

Eh, it goes, it goes

Well I haven't really been posting a lot, but then, I haven't really been doing much. Relaxing, a bit of travel/sightseeing around the home town, a bit of plugging away at the chapter first leg of the book Defender of the Universe project.

I freakin' hate plugging away at things. Yeah, yeah, I'm making some progress. But it doesn't feel like a lot of progress --- incremental progress is hard to see as it goes along, and a dramatic makeover is always ... well, more dramatic. This is like watching a tree grow, or paint dry. Meh.

Plus, while the chapter looks better, it doesn't look magnificent. Or done. Now, a lot of it is pretty much re-written, and today and yesterday I pulled all the new criticism for the last text (yes, I cover multiple authors and genres in here, silly overambitious me) and plopped it in. Man, is that easier with some authors than others! Stupid canonical authors. Anyway, there are still some parts to revise, and the parts I have revised are ... eh. I want magnificent, not meh.

The chapter as I envisioned it:

The chapter as it stands:

See? Not bad, but not impressive. Sigh.

I have a couple weeks before I head back East from mom and dad's house, and I am pretty sure I can finish up this chapter by then. But I'm not sure about it being magnificent, and my plan was to revise all the chapters in the time it has taken me to do one. Siiiiiiigh. I've made progress, but it's not progress that really shows up on my cv or for a new year of job applications. Grumble. How depressing. I'm gonna go eat chips and salsa instead of think about it any further.

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