Saturday, September 8, 2012

Writng group update

Ok, I slept in late and then did yoga and cooked a whole buncha stuff and even cleaned a little bit and then I spent an hour revising my chapter --- whoo-hoo! --- so I am rewarding myself by bragging to the world about how awesome I am. Hey, whatever keeps you going, right?

Yes, this will be a very boring post.

 I posted this update over at Dame Eleanor Hull's writing group but it didn't seem to post, so I might as well post this over here too.

Main goal: Revise and Beautify chapter 3 of diss as book chapter;

last week’s goal: revisions/cleaning up citations for chapter 1, and work a bit every day.

accomplished: worked either 30 min or an hour each day and rough revised 5 pages of ch 3.

next goal: work an hour each day and revise 7 more pages of ch 3. This would mean I finish revising the entire chapter Nov. 7, which I have entered into my calendar.

commentary: Ok, you might notice I didn't go back and finish chapter 1, but I am pretty sick of it and was exited to reread and get into the thick of chapter 3. I am having trouble fitting in a whole hour *and* working out *and* getting to campus early enough to find a parking space, but I am making incremental progress. Also, the first sets of student essays are looming and I may soon become completely buried in grading. I hope to keep up the momentum though!

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