Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bleargh! I hate everybody.

That is all.

No wait, that's not all ---- why am I struggling more and more behind in grading and so much more tired this semester teaching all repeat classes when last fall I taught classes with new books and an overload because a department member died? I just don't understand.

Also, I hate all search committees. It's like there are no jobs posted in my field. May you all suffer from athlete's foot until I am hired in a permanent position!




heu mihi said...


Contingent Cassandra said...

It's been that kind of semester here, too. I'm not sure why. At least it will be over soon (though how I'm going to get the grading done I have no idea). Hang in there!

(I'm now contemplating what would happen if God visited a series of plagues, a la Exodus, starting with athlete's foot, on all tenure-track faculty until they came up with a plan for moving as many non-TT faculty into full-time equitably-paid TT positions as humanly possible -- perhaps something along the lines of what AAUP proposed a while back. Actually, I think one would need to visit the plague on administrators, college presidents, boards of trustees, and/or state legislators instead, or at least in addition. I, for one, wouldn't object to that.)

Bardiac said...

I used to have crueler fantasies of legionairres (sp?) disease striking at the MLA to open up a lot of jobs the next year.

Sisyphus said...

See? I decided to go for humor instead of wishing a horrible death on everybody :)

Cassandra, if we are including administrators in this plague I'm going to have to go with a really nasty case of the crabs for them.

Heh heh.

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

I think the administrators are the real nuisance regarding hiring. I for one would love a hell of a lot more TT faculty members at my school. Then, we would only have to be on 2-3 committees a piece instead of 5, and we could teach 2-3 classes a semester instead of 4. Ugh. Administrators make all the hiring funding decisions here. Send plagues upon them!!

Bardiac said...

I'm quite obviously a nastier person than you are, Sisyphus!