Sunday, February 24, 2013

No soliciting

Dear cat,

Please do not put your head between me and the laptop monitor, my butt and the chair, or my pen and the paper! Also, do not nip me and try to play "catch the pen from the Cog's hand"! I neeeeeeed to get this class lesson prepped and this shit graded! It is coming up on grade-posting time, and I would like to catch up and actually post things so I have time to start creating all my next round of assignment instructions! I do not have time to play!!!

You are just going to have to entertain yourself without me joining you on the couch.

Ok, a few quick ear scritches. Awwww. Now go!


JaneB said...

But... hooman in house. Hooman NEEDZ to play wiv kitty! Stoopid computer no playz wiv hooman.

Wot is this pen, Kitty seeze cat toy bein waved, Kitty haz duty to catch...

Hoomans very strange.

undine said...

"Catch the pen" is a favorite game around here, followed closely by "play with the bookmark string in the Moleskine."